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skin diagnosis                                                                     complimentary
deluxe facial                                                                          $80.00
refining facial                                     (1hr 15min)              $120.00
excel therapy facial                                                              $120.00
environmental repair facial             (1hr 15min)              $120.00
collagen firming facial                     (1hr 15min)              $120.00
face peel                                                                                $80.00
vegetable botox                                 (1hr 15min)              $130.00

**Fundamental Facial                      (30min)                     $35.00
**(Tuesdays only)

anti-ageing eye treatment              (30min)                     $35.00  
eyelash tint                                        (15min)                     $20.00
eyebrow tint                                       (15min)                     $18.00
brow and lash tint                                                                $35.00

young skin cleansing treatment
face                                                     (30min)                     $45.00
face and back                                   (1hr)                           $75.00
Client Feedback
Facial Treatment
Wednesday, April 16, 2008

This facial was very relaxing and great to be pampered
for an hour. If you lead a very busy life, (which I do with
my two children) then taking an hour out for yourself
to have a spa facial is great idea. It gave me time to
unwind and free my mind of everything for an hour.
Absolutely worth it.