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.... great staff, great day!
Great staff, great day! Worth every cent.
Gift Certificate Recipient - June 2009

.... it was a great day!
It was a great day! And not just for the lady's - my boyfriend came
too and loved it. Very relaxing and great to be able to do this kind of
thing with your partner.
Gift Certificate Recipient - June 2009

.... greeted with a glass of champagne
My back massage, body wrap and facial which lasted for 90 minutes
was very relaxing. It was nice to be welcomed and greeted with a
glass of champagne and nibbles.
Gift Certificate Recipient - June 2009

.... something different‎
This salon offers more than just a beauty treatment - it offers a
whole experience! The atmosphere is very welcoming and the staff
are friendly. I like to relax whilst having a treatment and, in some
salons, the staff feel the need to babble on with small talk. At
Beautiful Beings, they respected my silence and let me drift off when
I wanted to and chat when I felt like it. A lovely experience and a
great place to send friends for a birthday treat
Jane - June 2009

.... a fantastic experience
It was a fantastic experience! Pampered from head to toe. The only
negative thing I can say is that it ended too soon!
Gift Certificate recipient - April 2009

... absolutely wonderful
Very relaxing. They provide you with nibbles and fresh strawberries
with glass of water. Quiet music playing in background. We had a
couples room that made the experience intimate and just perfect.
The girls are absolutly wonderful and so polite. They did not mind our
appointment being on a Sunday at all. The 60 minute experience was
the perfect start to our day. Absolutely wonderful.
Gift Certificate recipient - November 2008

... the ambience was beautiful
My facial was extremely relaxing - from the champagne and nibblies
on arrival, through to the skin care advice just prior to leaving. I was
warned by friends who have had facials before of the hard sell
which might happen in order to get me to buy products, but there
was no sign of that with this supplier. The ambience in the room was
beautiful and I left feeling like I would like to go back.
Gift Certificate recipient - November 2008

... brilliant service
A wonderful treatment with their brilliant service. It was 3 days
before my wedding and they went to a lot of trouble to making my
facial a very relaxing experience for me.
Gift Certificate recipient - October 2008

... thoroughly enjoyed it from the start
The beauty package was really special - relaxing and a rewarding
experience. I thoroughly enjoyed the special treatment from start
(champagne and snacks) to the final facial treatment.
Gift Certificate recipient - July 2008

...THE most important person in the world
If you want to be pampered in an unpompous but luxurious
establishment with dedicated and organised therapists, then
Beautiful Beings is for you. When Caroline (the owner) asks how you
are, she means it. She makes you feel like THE most important
person in the world and that they are soley and only in business to
pamper you, no one else, YOU! Personally greeted with a glass of
champagne, lemon infused water, homemade biscotti and grapes
served as soon as I arrive - a gorgeously decored place like this?
Who know's my name? Normally I'm just a 'time' in other much
higher-end places! It's true, people do love hearing their own name!!
This was my second visit and although the first was for a lovely
facial, this time it a Winter Warm UP - a wrap, massage and facial
for 1.5hrs. I swear it was 15mins but I nodded off, I've never doozed
off in any treatments - too conscious but obviously Louisa's magic
hands did it. Caroline if you read this, I hope your daughter's wedding
was a blast and that the hangover wasn't too rough but if you need
re-centralising, let Louisa do her thing and you'll be right in '15mins'!!
Don't lose her or let her go, she's a gem! Must admit when she came
to collect me for my treatment I thought, 'darn, she's a little frame
and I need good pressure'. Well shows me not to judge a book by it's
cover! She gave better massage than some sports therapists! Great
sweeping, consistent flow and best of all - she didn't pant on me.
Some places I hear the therapists breathing and it's really offputting
so that was wonderful...maybe that's where I nodded off! My score
for Beautiful Beings: 10/10!!    
Gift Certificate recipient - June 2008

... relaxing and inviting
This experience was fantastic, so relaxing and inviting. A truly loved
the day!
Gift Certificate recipient - May 2008

... a beautiful start to the day!
My morning was spent being pampered . The staff are friendly, the
atmosphere is serene and the experience very relaxing. A beautiful
start to the day!
Gift Certificate recipient - May 2008

... they made us feel welcome
Great massage - very relaxing they made us feel welcome. The
champagne was lovely.
Gift Certificate recipient - May 2008

... absolutely worth it.
This facial was very relaxing and great to be pampered for an hour.
If you lead a very busy life, (which I do with my two children) then
taking an hour out for yourself to have a spa facial is great idea. It
gave me time to unwind and free my mind of everything for an hour.
Absolutely worth it.
Gift Certificate recipient - April 2008

... fantastic experience
Fantastic experience, one all ladies should be able to experience at
least once in a lifetime. Great for mother-daughter time out together.
Gift Certificate recipient - March 2008

... my beauty therapy place of choice
I have attended Beautiful Beings twice before I came in yesterday for
an appointment.  Both times the staff have been friendly and
attentive. However, yesterday I was fortunate to have xxxxx
complete my treatments.  What a sensational lady. I was completely
at ease with her straight away as her natural rapport and
connection with people is instantaneous.   She was exceptionally
efficient with waxing, calming and fun to talk to.   I am already
looking forward to coming in again and will now consider myself a
permanent client at Beautiful Beings, thanks to xxxxx.    I currently
live on the South Side and used to go to xxxxxxxxxxx at Carindale.   
Though now, due to working in close proximity to Beautiful Beings
and moving to the north side in the coming months, Beautiful Beings
will now be my beauty therapy place of choice.  It was also
wonderful to receive a ‘rewards’ card …….too often great discounts
like 50% off after six sessions are not rewarded to clients to ensure
they are valued!  Thanks once again!
Amanda - March 2008

... felt immediately at ease
I was offered a glass of champagne as soon as I arrived and felt
immediately at ease. The staff were great, the manager of Beautiful
Beings was friendly and very knowledgeable and it was obvious to
me that thiswas not just a job for her, she really enjoyed making
people feel special.
Gift Certificate recipient - February 2008

... friendly and very knowledgeable
The staff were great and the manager was friendly and very
knowledgeable. It was obvious she really enjoyed making people
feel special.
Gift Certificate recipient - January 2008

... I would definitely recommend others
It was the best full body massage and facial I have had in a long time.
I would definitely recommend others to the provider.
Gift Certificate recipient - December 2007

... every mother deserves this treatment!
Gift Certificate recipient - November 2007

... what an perfect experience
I have been to a lot of Beauty Salons before and treated myself to a
Day Spa experience every so often but I have never experienced
anything like what I did at Beautiful Beings yesterday. I never write
reviews but I had such an amazing time at beautiful beings that I just
had to write one. Their staff looked after me and made me feel SO
RELAXED from the moment I stepped into the salon until i left (I did
not want to leave in the end). Their prices were great and I will
DEFINITELY be going back again
Sarah (Google Maps‎) - October 2007

.... great to be pampered
It was great to be pampered! A first but not last time for me!
Gift Certificate recipient - October 2007

... perfect
The day spa experience was just lovely. It was so relaxing to have a
well overdue massage after the birth of my baby. The overall
experience was perfect!
Gift Certificate recipient - October 2007

... chatted and laughed
The staff are amazingly professional and provide luxurious and
uplifting surroundings. A perfect retreat for relieving the stresses of
today's hectic lifestyle. We chatted and laughed over a glass of
bubbly, then I was whisked away to a candle lit room where I was
treated to a very soothing mix of moisturising body oils and a very
therapeutic hour long massage.
Gift Certificate recipient - April 2007

... very impressed with the service
I had my first massage ever at Park Road yesterday.  I was very
impressed with the service.  xxxx did a great job!   And I will be back
to visit you guys in the future.   Thanks heaps for the experience.  
Kind regards,  
Paul (by email)

... an easily recommendable experience
Carolynne and her team are amazingly professional and provide a
luxurious, relaxing and uplifting surroundings.  A perfect retreat for
relieving the stresses of today's hectic lifestyle, or, as was in my
case, a sweet lashing of self indulgence.  We chatted and laughed
over a glass of bubbly and some fresh fruit and Carolynne's very
own home baked Almond bread, then I was whisked away to a
candle lit room where I was treated to a very soothing mix of sweet
smelling, moisturising body oils, calming soft music and a very
theraputic hour long massage.  A very pleasurable and easily
recommendable experience!
Unknown (Red Balloon client)

Champagne and goodies
We enjoyed every minute of the experience and slept for part of the
afternoon.  The girls are magical with their hands and they are are
great asset to your company image.  The champagne and goodies
was a refreshing touch.  Thank you for being so professional and
Leoni Drobinski

... I love the ambience
I just wanted to say that I had a very enjoyable time on Saturday, the
massage was great and I love the ambience of your place and the
service of the staff.
Steve Turner

... simply amazing
I had my first appointment at Beautiful Beings just yesterday and I
can't believe how amazing I feel.  The atmosphere in there is
amazing and as soon as I walked into the door I felt so relaxed and
they looked after me SO WELL.  I will definitely be going back again
and again.
Robyn Perry

... the ultimate pampering experience
Everything about Beautiful Beings is divine!  The venue is amazing,
really calm and relaxing, staff are brilliant and the treatments are
amazing.  The best massage I have ever had and they treat you like a
princess.  If you are in Brisbane check out Beautiful Beings.
Gina Pearce

... WOW!
I decided to spoil myself before Christmas and had an I want it all
package, and all I can say is WOW!  I feel totally pampered, relaxed
and beautiful, ready for all my Christmas visitors.  I think I'll need to
go back after Christmas to calm down again after all the rushing
around after everyone else!  The shop is beautifully decorated and
the staff treated me like I was the queen.  HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!
Megan Rawlinson

... London, but better!
Having just come off a 25 hour long haul from London, I was dying to
get a facial and mani pedi to wash off the flight.  A friend of mine
recommended Beautiful Beings, having been in the week before.  It
was exactly like the high end salons I'm used to in London, only
better!  The staff were friendly and knowledgable, and they really
made me come out feeling fresh and ready for my holiday at home.  
As soon as I move my butt back to Brisbane I will definitely be
visiting again and again and again!  Well recommended!!!
Abby Webb

... my feet loved this place!
After tramping around the beautiful city of Brisbane my feet shouted
ENOUGH!  So my Aussie cousin took me to her local beauty salon
and it was fantastic.  Staff really pampered me and it was a
luxurious and fun visit. Heaps of other tempting treatments to
choose from, so I'll be back and can happily recommend it to others.
Mary Sands
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